Is gamified fitness the future for encouraging more people to exercise?

Is gamified fitness the future for encouraging more people to exercise?

Fitness should be fun and engaging! Not everyone resonates with traditional fitness options, so is gamified fitness the future of the industry? UKFE explores a recent YOU GOV article which highlights the importance of gamification and community building. 

As a fitness company, we understand the importance of reaching out to different audiences and providing services that cater to their unique needs and preferences. One such audience that we believe can benefit from our offerings is the gaming community.

According to a recent YouGov study, a significant portion of gamers expressed interest in exercising if it were designed like a game. This presents an opportunity for us to incorporate gamification elements into our fitness programs to attract more gamers and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the study found that a significant number of gamers would prefer to exercise with a group of people they met through a gaming community or platform. We believe that we can facilitate this by creating fitness challenges and events that allow gamers to connect with others who share similar interests and goals.

Moreover, incorporating a competitive aspect into our fitness programs, such as a leader board or reward system, can also be effective in motivating gamers to exercise more regularly. This approach aligns with our mission to make fitness more engaging and enjoyable, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for our clients.

Overall, we recognize the purchasing power and influence of the gaming community and believe that by understanding their attitudes and behaviours, we can create fitness programs that meet their needs and preferences. By bridging the gap between gaming and fitness, we aim to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all our clients.

Training apps like ZWIFT have provided a gamified option for the cycling and running community. The evolution of gamified fitness can be seen in the newly released Ergatta from WaterRower. The team at UKFE love how the games both challenge and inspire you to hit the next training objective. 

The more fitness companies recognizing the importance of the gaming community and their unique attitudes and behaviours, the better they can position themselves to succeed in today's market.

In our opinion the more fitness feels like a sport or a game the more inclusive and enjoyable to everyone. The future of gamified fitness is very exciting and one that UKFE will look to be at the forefront of. 

Looking for gamified and community building fitness option, check out the Ergatta Rower from Waterrower. 



WaterRower Ergatta Connected Rower
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Ergatta feels more like playing a sport or a game, rather than taking an exercise class. The aim is to make workout anything but routine, with an experience so varied rowing becomes an integral part of your daily workouts. 

The Ergatta rower is the only at-home rower that keeps you motivated and makes fitness fun. Game-based workouts, competitive races, and scenic rows that make daily fitness fly by. Full-body, low-impact HIIT workouts in just 15 minutes that adapt to your fitness level and progress as you do. Compact, portable smart rower that stores in the space of a barstool. Made from stunning cherrywood in the U.S, the Ergatta water rower seamlessly fits in your living space and life.


HD Touchscreen 17.3” HD touchscreen (1929 x 1080 Full HD)
Bluetooth Enabled Connect your heart rate monitors and speakers via Bluetooth
Water Flywheel Water flywheel operates near silently and naturally scales resistance with your effort while going easy on the back.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 218.9 x 58.4 x 101.6
Storage Footprint 58 x 57 cm (takes up the space of a bar stool)
Product Weight 46.7 kg (With Water)
Made in USA Handcrafted in Rhode Island USA
Wood  Sustainably-sourced Appalachian American Cherrywood
Max User Weight 226 kg (35 stone)
Max User Height 6 foot 8 Inches (203 cm) / 40 inch inside leg
Power Mains Power and WIFI connection required


Personalised Fitness 

Ergatta offers a personalized fitness experience where each interval, workout, and milestone is uniquely built to challenge you. Upon creating an account, new members row a distance-based calibration workout that sets your initial exercise. There are unlimited number of profiles you can create per machine. As you progress, the rower automatically recalibrates your fitness profile to drive continuous improvement.


Intensity Zones

As you progress, the rower automatically recalibrates your fitness profile to drive continuous improvement.

Your Intensity Zones determine your targets in Interval Workouts and competition using Intelligent Matchmaking in Race Workouts. They are visible to you across all workouts so you understand your output relative to your capacity.

PADDLE Light rowing, great for warming up, cooling down, and active rest.
STEADY Brisk, sustainable pacing to strengthen cardio and endurance
RACE Intense rowing that develops strength and speed
SPRINT Anaerobic exercise that extends your limits.


The Ergatta Experience

Challenges, workouts, and race competition—all calibrated to your unique fitness ability. As you progress, game targets, goals and competition automatically adapt to ensure you’re consistently challenged, while your dashboard and analytics track your efforts over time.


The Ultimate Connected Rowing Experience

Regular software updates bring new games and features based on member inputs and feedback. We release at least 5 workouts each week, plus a featured Race of the Week, community challenges for charitable causes, and live events. Members bring each workout to life, rather than a celebrity instructor. Other rowers from across the country become your rivals, workout buddies, and content creators. When you attain the coveted Million Meter milestone on Ergatta, you’re invited to leave your mark and design a workout for the entire community.



Scenic Row Experience

Looking for an immersive rowing experience? The 17.3”, high-def touchscreen puts you on the water for the ultimate digital rowing experience. Set your own intervals, just row or explore scenic locations around the world while visualizing your output relative to your Intensity Zones in real time.



 Game Based Fitness Training

The first of it’s kind, Ergatta’s game-based experience sets a new standard for motivation, interactivity, and real-time feedback. Every workout pulls you in from the start, pushes you to the finish, and motivates you to come back for more.



Race Workout

Go head-to-head in competitive races against other members of similar speed through Ergatta’s intelligent matchmaking platform. Make new rivals, compete with friends or challenge yourself by racing against your own past performances. 


Vortex Game

Meteor Workout 

Select between personalized HIIT, Endurance, and Technique workouts that challenge you to hit speed and cadence targets equipped with real time feedback and optimized for your improvement.

Pulse Game: Hit and maintain personalized target zones and work your way towards 100%. Targets are in the form of speed, cadence or both.

Meteor Game: Inspired by classic 2D side scrolling games, this experience challenges you to collect tokens as they fly through space at varying target speeds.


 Rowing Tips and Tricks




Frequently Asked Questions

 Profiles per Device One Membership allows unlimited profiles, each one with its own calibration and data stroage
Maintenance General maintenance of the rower consists of wiping
sweat from the rower and rails after workouts. Every
six months, place a purifying tablet into the water
basin to keep it clean and clear. Tablets are provided
and are free for life.
Heart rate Monitor Support The Ergatta rower is compatible with heart rate
monitors that connect via open Bluetooth. Supported
devices that we have tested and that we can confirm
are compatible with Ergatta include: Polar H9, Polar
0H1, Polar H10, Garmin HRM-Dual, Wahoo Tickr, and
WHOOP. Heart rate monitors that require a PIN entry
to connect (such as Apple Watch) via Bluetooth or
ANT+ devices are not supported at this time, but are
on our roadmap.
5 years on the structural frame, 3 years on
component parts, and 1 year on the digital tablet.


Ergatta Promise - Constantly evolving Fitness

Provide Fresh Content New workouts and programs launched weekly.
Evolve & Improve Regular software improvements, bringing new features, integrations, games, social enhancements and live experiences. 


Ergatta Membership Details

The Ergatta membership is purchased once you receive your rower, on the tablet itself. The cost is £29 per month or £319 for the first year (one month free).

The membership includes:

  • Unlimited profiles on a single device for family and friends
  • Access to Ergatta's unique and growing library of game-based fitness workouts
  • Fresh programming with 6+ new workouts added each week
  • Real-time performance tracking and visualizations
  • Personal dashboards with your workout history and fitness progress
  • An engaged community of Ergatta members to connect and compete with
  • Opportunity to unlock charitable donations made on your behalf by Ergatta