Train Like an Olympian: Join Paris 2024 Connected Sports Challenges with Kinomap, Flow Fitness and VirtuFit

Train Like an Olympian: Join Paris 2024 Connected Sports Challenges with Kinomap, Flow Fitness and VirtuFit

Through to the end of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, runners, cyclists, and rowers can train remotely and participate in Paris 2024 connected sports challenges for free via the Kinomap app. Athletes and enthusiasts worldwide will experience the actual courses used by Olympic competitors next summer.

If you already have one of our Bluetooth enabled Flow Fitness or VirtuFit products then you are all set, just download the app and give it a go! If you need advise on what treadmill, cross trainer, rower, bike or cross trainer to purchase our team can advise along with getting you set up for interactive training sessions. 


Unmatched Training Experience

Olympic fans and sports enthusiasts can take part in these challenges using various fitness equipment, including exercise bikes, indoor bikes,  treadmills, rowing machines, and elliptical cross trainers. The Kinomap app ensures an unrivalled training experience by automatically adjusting resistance and incline to mirror real-world conditions.

Compatible Fitness Equipment

For the best training experience, users can utilise top-tier fitness equipment from Flow Fitness and VirtuFit available at UK Fitness Equipment. These brands offer a range of high-quality exercise machines perfect for Kinomap’s connected sports challenges.

Full list of KinoMap compatible fitness equipment for VirtuFit can be found here.

Full list of KinoMap compatible fitness equipment for Flow Fitness can be found here.

UKFE's Top 3 Kinomap Compatible Treadmills

  • VirtuFit TR500i Treadmill - We love the integrated tablet holder above the console. Great for connecting to Kinomaps. 
  • Flow Fitness 2000i Treadmill - Premium specification for great price point. Pound for Pound a great all round treadmill for family training. 
  • Flow Fitness T2i Treadmill - A real runner treadmill with large running deck and motor. For users looking to train further or faster. Definitely a good option to run the Paris Marathon course on via Kinomaps.


UKFE's Top 3 Kinomap Compatible Bikes

UKFE's Top 3 Kinomap Compatible Cross Trainers

    Flow Fitness X2i computer detail 1 with tablet - Kinomap



    Unique Connected Challenges

    These connected challenges offer cyclists, runners, and rowers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the Olympic spirit. Explore geolocated routes inspired by the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and immerse yourself in a training experience like no other.



    Official Partnership with the IOC

    Kinomap has proudly become an Official Licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), organizing Paris 2024 connected sports challenges globally (excluding China). Stay updated on forthcoming challenges by downloading the Kinomap app and following Kinomap on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.




    A Message from Kinomap’s CEO

    Philippe Moity, CEO of Kinomap, shared his excitement: "We are delighted to bring connected challenges related to the world's biggest sporting event. Our ambition is to make sport accessible to everyone and promote physical activity, health, and well-being globally!"

    About Kinomap

    Kinomap is an interactive training app for indoor cycling, running, and rowing, featuring the world’s largest geolocated video-sharing platform. With thousands of videos from top tracks worldwide, the app syncs with your cardio equipment, adjusting to the inclines and resistance displayed on your screen. Available in 15 languages, Kinomap offers 370,000 miles of geolocated routes and over 40,000 training videos in more than 195 countries.

    For more information, visit Kinomap.



    About the IOC Licensing Programme

    The IOC's global licensing program, part of the Olympic Agenda 2020 initiatives, aims to strengthen and promote the Olympic brand beyond the Games. The program includes the Olympic Heritage Collection, the Olympic Collection, and the Olympic Games Collection.

    Learn more about the IOC Global Licensing Programme here.


    Need any advice on interactive training, Kinomaps, or compatible products send us a message and we can call, email you to discuss.