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Step 1 - Gym Rig Type

Broadly speaking there are 3 main types of gym rig although monkey-bar rigs are available in all three of these main categories as well, if you’re looking for a rig with a high number of overhead bars for pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises. 

Step 2 - Frame Profile

Kingsbox rigs and racks are available in two frame profiles (60mm and 80mm). The 80mm profile is better for heavy duty commercial use, but both are compatible with the full range of rig accessories.

Step 3 - Rig Layout

Here your rig design is only really limited by your imagination. We can help you design a rig that perfectly fits your space and requirements. Choose the number of bays, the width of each bay, the height of your rig and the depth of your bays. Everything can be built to your exact requirements.

Step 4 - Rig Colour

Below is a selection of the possible frame colours we offer, but there’s even the possibility of custom colours to perfectly match your gym branding. Frames are powder coated to the highest standard to ensure a long-lasting durable finish.

Step 5 - Accessories

This is possibly one of the most impressive elements of Kingsbox rig designs. They offer an incredible range of rig accessories to allow any level of functionality you can imagine. Below is just a small fraction of the 100+ accessories that can be added to Kingsbox rigs and racks.


Probably the hardest step in any rig design is having the vision for what you want and what will work for your gym space. We can help with 3D designs and renders, but it’s also useful to look at some existing projects to get some inspiration on what can be achieved. Here’s just a few videos covering some of the custom Kingsbox rigs that have turned dreams into reality.


Designing your dream gym rig should be very exciting, we offer a wealth of gym design experience and support. So you can relax and enjoy the process of designing your dream rig, rather than worrying about the niggly details. Simply let us know your requirements, budget and space, and together we’ll turn your dream into a reality.