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Tunturi Routes App

Tunturi Routes App

Tunturi Routes brings back the fun in your cardio workout. Cycle, cross, run and row across the world with the help of thousands of videos. Start today and turn your workout into a new, visual and immersive experience.

  • Experience the outdoors, indoors
  • Free training app
  • Always access to 15 free routes
  • Train with real-life videos
  • Race against friends
  • Stream to a big screen
  • Structured workouts
  • Online video coaching

Choose From 50,000 Videos

Never get bored on your cardio trainer again. The platform offers you 50,000+ videos you can choose to play. The videos are from places all over the world, from the United States to Australia and everything in between.

Follow Coaching Classes From Home

Do you know spin classes? A room full of sweaty people on spinning bikes accompanied by loud music? Coaches around the world have uploaded their coaching lessons on the platform, so you can follow the instructions of the coach from the comfort of your own home.