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Warranties - Fitness Equipment Warranties - UK Fitness Equipment

If you have any question on warranties or usage environments please contact the team to discuss before purchase

All products come with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing faults (wear and tear not included). Additional warranty is available on selected Flow Fitness, Tunturi, Endura Fitness, VirtuFit and Landice when product is registered within 30 days of receiving the product. 

We highly recommend getting your new fitness equipment professionally installed and set up.

Failure to install and store the product correctly may invalid your warranty.

Where appropriate you will be offered an installation option at checkout, however for larger projects please contact us for details. 


Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. The extended warranty becomes VALID ONLY if the product is registered with us by filling out the online registration form. You must register your product within 30 days from the date that you received delivery of your Flow Fitness, Tunturi, Care Fitness and Landice equipment.

2. All Flow Fitness, Tunturi, Endura Fitness and Landice equipment not registered with us within 30 days of purchase will only be covered by 12 months parts and 12 months labour warranty.

3. Please keep your original receipt / proof of purchase. 

4. You must have your Treadmill serviced at least once a year by Fix A Gym Distribution Ltd or an authorised service company. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Treadmill running decks must be lubricated at least every 6 - 8 weeks or every 4 weeks if used heavily. Failure to do so will result in your warranty becoming void.

What The Warranty Covers?

Warranty covers all manufacturing faults for the time period detailed. We can provide assistance on the phone or organise the repair or replacement of your faulty product.

What Is Not Covered?

The warranty excludes normal wear and tear on parts e.g.; decks and belts on treadmills, pedal straps on bikes, handle bar grips on bikes and ellipticals.

Run belts becoming loose and slipping on treadmills is not a warranty issue and can be resolved by reading the user manual of that machine and the belt tightened accordingly.

Normal wear and tear on parts includes, but is not limited to;

Rubber grips, plastic end caps, scratched parts, broken covers, cosmetic damage. 

Warranty does not cover squeaks or noises that develop unless they are to do with mechanical failure or a manufacturing defect that is noticed when the machine is first in use. (plastics rubbing, machine frames creaking etc).

Damage caused by moisture. All Equipment should be kept indoors in a dry damp free environment.

Electrical damage due to moisture is not covered under warranty so please ensure you are locating in a non purpose built / insulated external building.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of your preferred location please contact us to discuss and we will advice.

Warranty is only valid if the product is assembled / installed according to the instructions / directions included with the product.

This warranty does not extend to any product that has been damaged or rendered defective: (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse or lack of reasonable care; (b) by the use of parts not manufactured by Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd or sold by Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd; (c) by modification of the product; (d) as a result of service by anyone else other than Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd or an authorised Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd warranty service provider.

The term “Lifetime warranty” means that the warranty is covered for the time that the machine in question stays in production or for the duration that parts remain available after production has stopped.

If any repair work is not carried out by our own engineers or one of our authorised service agents the warranty will be void.

Light Commercial warranty is covered in a gym which does not charge membership or use the equipment for financial gain. eg; Schools, Rugby Clubs, Hospitals. Personal training studios are also permitted to use light commercial machines with a maximum of 5 hours use per day per machine.

During the warranty period Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd will at no additional charge replace part(s) or repair the product (at Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd option) if it becomes defective, malfunctions or otherwise fails to conform with this warranty under normal, non-commercial, personal, family or household use.

In repairing the product, Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd may replace defective parts or at the option of Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd, use serviceable used parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance. All exchanged parts and products replaced under this warranty will become the property of Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd. Fix a Gym Distribution Ltd reserves the right to change manufacturers of any part to cover any existing warranty.

Warranty is not transferred if the product is sold. Only the original purchaser with the original receipt is permitted to make warranty claims.

If you have a breakdown covered under warranty or even if it’s outside the warranty period please call us on 0800 334 5755 or email and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Refurbished products

Refurbished / reconditioned products are faulty or returned products that have been restored to full working order. Any malfunctioning parts (e.g. motors) are fixed or replaced, and the product is thoroughly cleaned and tested to make sure the item is working correctly and safe to use. The newly-conditioned products are then carefully packaged and boxed ready for sale. Please be aware a refurbished product may show slight signs of prior use and assembly although every effort is made to return the product to brand new condition. All refurbished products come with a 12 month parts and labour warranty unless otherwise stated.


Got a question regarding anything on this page just contact us for assistance.