Warranty Carbon Claw

Carbon Claw products are warrantied against all manufacturing faults for 12 months. Wear and tear is not included.

UKFE have partnered with Carbon Claw to deliver authentic boxing products that are designed by real boxing experts in the UK. The UKFE team have extensively tested the product ranges for manufacturing quality and functionality and believe the product quality, fit and feel is second to none. 

In the unlikely event of receiving a faulty item please notify us either by phone or email quoting your name and order no. reference and we will ensure we can resolve the issue for you immediately. Once it has been agreed with Carbon Claw the item has a manufacturing default then upon receipt of the item we can proceed with either a replacement or refund whichever suits, if a replacement is chosen then we will not charge the delivery cost of the replacement.  

Product Use and Safety

All Carbon Claw Products are manufactured to ensure a safe level of use and to minimalize risk and injury when purchased from new.

Due to the nature of Combative Sports the performance of the products will diminish over a period of time and advise the user to regularly inspect their products for signs of wear and tear and replace when necessary.

It is the individual’s responsibility after a new purchase to ensure the products are used for the correct application as advertised and we cannot accept any liability for the misuse of product and any injuries incurred.

InstaCradle Acoustic Subfloor

Magni Sports in partnership with InstaFloor can offer a wide
range of acoustic floor solutions for gym, training and sports facilities.

Our solutions are quick and easy to install and can be
levelled on site.

Installed all over the world the InstaFloor InstaCradle acoustic
subfloor is an outstanding solution for gym spaces that share proximity to
residential, business or retail units.

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Reduce airborne and impact noise in your gym
Acoustic Sub Floors

How do acoustic gym floors work?

InstaCradle systems are designed to provide a cost effective way to isolate the low frequency noise associated with noisy commercial gym environments. By reducing both impact and airbourne sound the system absorbs the impact shocks of free weights.

The system is quick to install, with no requirement for screed concrete base, and the additional cost of contractors and drying times. The rubber cradles are loose laid onto the subfloor and do not require to be fixed in place. Ideal for leased properties where you are responsible for returning the building back in its original condition. Any issues with uneven floors can be levelled easily with interlocking cradle packers.

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Need to reduce airborne and impact sound in your gym?

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