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TEQ Smart Teqball Table

TEQ SMART Table is is the foldable version of TEQ ONE.  Built on lockable wheels with a waterproof top, the table can be easily moved indoors or outdoors to suit your needs.

What is Teqball?

Teqball is a combination of football and table tennis and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with its own federation and World Cup.

At UKFE we think the best explanation is the video below showcasing the fast pace and great skills the games develops. 


Who is Teqball aimed at? 

Teqball is a great option for homes and leisure facilities looking to add a new and innovative game. It is a great training tool for close control, stamina, ability, decision making and coordination. It will complement many other sports but naturally fits in to any football environment. 

With an established list of professional sports teams and federations already using 
Teqball tables are ideal sports equipment for public places, hotels, schools,, football clubs, leisure centres, fitness centres, schools and universities. The tables are also disabled-friend and offer a variety of play styles to suit different abilities. 

As a low impact, no contact sport, Teqball offers the opportunity to develop both technical and tactical skills with a low risk of injury. 

Teq Teqball Smart Table


What are the key features of the Teq Smart Teqball Table? 

  • Truly innovating, exciting and skill enhancing
  • Can be used Indoor / outdoor
  • Easy to move to new positions. 
  • Waterproof / Weatherproof / UV Proof
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Folds to allow solo game play. 
  • 1 - 4 players
  • Can be play on anywhere, at anytime, by anyone
  • Custom design available (ask our sales team)
  • Great for leisure providers and home user alike. 

 Product Information
Length 3m
Width 1.5m (without Plexiglass net)


Height 0.9m (With Net) 0.76 (without net)
Plexiglass Net Width 1.7m
Folded Length 0.76m
Half Folded Length for Solo Practice 1.88m
Half Folded Height for Solo Practice 1.8m
Half Folded Width for Solo Practice 1.5m (without net)
Weight 168kg
Leg Structure Colour Dark Grey
Table Top Colour Dark Grey
Net Colour Transparent Plexiglass
Warranty 24 Months against manufacturing defects


What are the main rules of TeqBall?

  • Teqball can be played with balls used in football, with size five being official and recommended.
  • Teqball can be played by two players (singles game) or by four players (doubles game).
  • A teqball match consists of best-of-three sets.
  • Each set is played until a player/team reaches 12 points.
  • Every player/team has two attempts to complete a successful service.
  • The players/teams change service after each four points.
  • It is forbidden to touch the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • It is forbidden to return the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • Every player/team is allowed to return the ball with a maximum of 3 touches by any body part, except for the hands and arms.
  • In doubles, a team has a maximum of 3 touches, however, the teammates must pass the ball at least once to each other.
  • While playing, neither the table nor the opponent can be touched.
  • In case of an edgeball, the rally shall be repeated.

These rules make this sport tremendously spectacular and suitable for even professional football teams for training purposes. Teqball can be played by 2 players (singles game), by 3 players (Canadian doubles), by 4 players (doubles game) or even by several more players similar to the ‘Round-the-table’ game in Ping Pong. On our Teq Smart tables individual games and training sessions can be conducted.


 Whats the best Teqball Table for me? 

 Model Designed for; (all tables can be used inside and outside)
TEQ X Fixed structure (does not fold), with iconic shape. Easy assembly and accessible price
TEQ LITE Lightweight model which maintains key features of the TEQ SMART table in that it can be folded for storage.
TEQ ONE Pro Table used in competitions. Fixed design. 
TEQ SMART Folding version of the Teq One


What other equipment do I need to play Teqball?

Grab yourself a football (The official and recommended size is 5) and you are away!


Can you install the table for me? 

Absolutely, at checkout select Quote me on the installation option and we will contact you to arrange. 


Can I get a custom design on my Teq table? 

Yes we can arrange this. Many pro sports teams and training facilities put their logos on the table. This can be a great option for commercial gyms, personal trainers, and corporate gyms to add a touch of branding to their training facilities. Custom work can be requested by emailing us at sales@ukfitnessequipment.co.uk. Send your design over and we will come back to you with a quote. 

Teqball Warranty

Teqball provides the following warranty on its high quality products to its consumer customers, beyond any other legal remedies or warranties that they may have under applicable law.

  • 24 months warranty from date of purchase

Risks/costs covered by the Warranty

  • latent product defects relating to materials and/or workmanship;
  • shipping, packaging, handling and customs fees relating to product repair or replacement;
  • repair costs;

Risks/costs excluded from the Warranty

  • product surface damage (except paint damage or rust caused by manufacturing defects, which are covered) ;
  • damage caused by misuse, neglect, accident;
  • damage caused by not following any instruction in the Owner’s Manual;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • damage suffered in transport;
  • damage suffered during or after a repair or installation by unlicensed third parties;
  • potential, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damage, even if informed of the possibility of such beforehand;

Warranty period

  • 2 (two) calendar years from date of delivery to the Customer;
  • Warranty claim window: unless otherwise specified in applicable law, 10 (ten) calendar days from the date damage was noticed or should have been noticed;
  • Proof of claimed damage or costs: photo or video of damage accompanied by photo of serial number; costs substantiated by written documentation;

Format of warranty claim

Email to support@teqball.com, including (a) proof of claimed damage or costs, (b) proof of purchase including date of purchase, and (c) proof of resale if resold to another consumer;

Remedy of warranty claim

Within 20 business days of receipt of a valid warranty claim, Teqball shall provide, at the Customer’s option and at Teqball’s expense, either (1) a full refund of the purchase price to Customer’s bank account located in the country of purchase, (2) replacement with a table in the same range shipped to Customer’s address located in the country of purchase or (3) repair or replacement of a damaged part (at Teqball’s discretion). In each case, Teqball may reclaim the damaged table or part.

Claims after warranty period

Beyond the warranty period, Teqball provides quality repair services through its network of certified professionals, at the Customer’s cost. No distributor or agent may vary the terms of this Warranty. If the terms of this Warranty contradict the terms of a sales contract entered into by Teqball, the conditions specified in such contract shall prevail.

How much does my delivery cost?

Free delivery is available on UK mainland orders over £299*.
Orders under £299 are subject to delivery charges based on total order weight which is calculated at checkout. 
*Some areas may be subject to a delivery quotation. These include: Central London, Highlands and Islands.

Do you have restricted access? We understand that some people live in places where access is restricted like flats, narrow roads or other areas where it may be hard to get a large package or a large lorry into. Please let us know about this when entering your details when placing your order. There’s a box for you to fill in with any specific instructions relating to your order.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The vast majority of IN STOCK products are fulfilled within 3-5 working days however please allow up to 10 working days. However due to Covid 19 and certain stock challenges this can be longer. We’ll always let you know if there is an unusual delivery time or if items are out of stock.

How will my order be delivered? 

If we are installing the product for you we will ship the order direct to the local installer and they will book a install date and bring the product/s on the day.

If you are self assembling, the larger equipment will be safely delivered via professional palletised delivery. Once the order is at the local depot they will call to advise the delivery date. Please note that as we deliver heavy, bulky items our carriers will sometimes need your assistance when offloading. The driver will not be able / permitted to enter your premises so please ensure you have adequate support when the product arrives.

Smaller items will be shipped via parcel carrier and you will receive text/email updates directly from them.
For special orders we also use our own, dedicated delivery service. This is usually in the case of installations.
If you have any specific requirements contact us to discuss before placing your order and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

Please Note: delivery and delivery time is a best estimate and is not contractual. Our standard delivery days are Mon – Fri (8am – 6pm)

What Happens when I receive my order? 

If we deliver your item by courier then a signature will be required. We advise you to check the packaging for any obvious damage before signing for your order. If you see damage then indicate this on the note when you sign. 

On occasions the outer packaging on heavier items can become damaged during transit. In most cases this will have no impact on the goods themselves and means that the packaging will have served its purpose in protecting your product.
If you are unhappy with how your item has arrived then please contact us at: 0800 334 5755 or use the Contact Us page.
Please also note that as we deliver heavy, bulky items our carriers will sometimes need your assistance when offloading.
Please let us know if you will be unable to help the delivery driver when placing your order. We’ll make suitable arrangements if this is the case.

What Happens if I have an issue? 
Our main aim is to make you happy when you buy from us so we’ll deal with any problems as promptly as possible.

What happens if I want to return my order? 
At UK Fitness Equipment we understand that making purchases online is not always easy. We have invested time on documenting the product so you can make informed decisions on your purchase. If something is not clear or you require more information please contact us directly. We want to exceed your expectations and our advice and knowledge is always freely available to our customers.

We offer a 14 day Money Back Promise to give you piece of mind on your purchase and you can get a refund for whatever reason. The product must be returned to us in NEW unused condition in the original packaging.
For our full refund policy please click here.